Volvo Trucks Open Source

Dear Customer

Your Volvo truck contains various software programs. Some of those programs are open source software, which among other things means that you may have the right to gain access to the source code. This depends on the license terms for the respective software, as agreed between the Volvo Group and the respective licensors.

In the following form, you can request copyright notices, license agreements and disclaimers applicable to the respective open source software programs present in any Volvo Trucks vehicles that you have purchased or that you are legitimate user of. In case the license agreement requires Volvo Trucks to convey the source code for a particular software program, we will provide you with a link to download such source code.

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Privacy policy

Volvo Group will use your personal data for the purpose of managing requests regarding open source software, for more detail please go to Volvo Group Privacy notices at this link. For cybersecurity reasons, the content of open source software embedded in our vehicles is not publicly available but only by request by a legitimate user 

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